Testing Games for Mobile Devices

Gaming is a billion dollar industry with constant new efforts to capitalize on that. Gaming revolves around the consumers experience. In a previous blog post we discuss why testing gaming devices and the games for these devices is important. However, here I stress why mobile game testing is now also essential. The app store is filled with new games daily and it takes more than just addicting puzzles and complex levels to attain and keep users interested. It is crucial that the app performs as expected or users will be quick to uninstall, write a poor review, and download a new game.

According to Forbes, 80% of smartphone owners have played a game on their device, while 46% play on a daily basis. The report further states that 65% of total online time is spent on either a smartphone or a tablet, with 32% of that time allocated to games.

Unlike console-based video games, mobile game developers are often not given extended periods of testing. Users will not be likely to download a newer version of a game with less bugs after they have already deleted it. The first impression they have of the app is the place you hold in their mind.

Without the proper amount of game testing or QA, a great game may never get the popularity it deserves. If a game launches with glitches and bugs users cannot play it as intended. Testers in our community are given the opportunity to test games all of the time. Testing games may be a great opportunity for someone to utilize and profit from their advanced gaming skills. Our customers have benefited from the high level testing that has been done on mobile games.

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